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As one of the leading manufacturers in artificial grass industry, we offers the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields,such as sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn,Artificial Grass Carpet and so on. 
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Durable Soccer Artificial Grass Carpet

Type: Football Grass
Model: G-5020
Pile Height: 50mm
Yarn: Monofilament
Material: Thiolon Yarn
Color: Mixed Color
Density: 10500
Size: 4m X 25m / 2m X 25m
MOQ: 500 sqm

Durable Soccer Artificial Grass Carpet

    The durable soccer artificial grass carpet is good product which we strongly recommend. This kind of the playground artificial grass is specially designed for football and soccer fields. The artificial grass carpet is made with imported Thiolon yarn, so the artificial grass patio has no heavy metal and can resist ultraviolet light. There is a ‘spine’ in the middle of the grass fiber, which can strengthen the grass fiber of the artificial grass carpet and increase the durability of the football artificial grass system. And meantime, the ‘spine’ of the playground artificial gass keeps the grass fiber straight up easier and gives the football artificial turf system more resilience. This durable soccer artificial grass carpet is performance-driven but very economical. It is suitable for professional football field. In addition to this, the durable soccer artificial grass carpet also applies to many other place, such as the kindergarten, the balcony, terrace, etc.  We will provide you best artificial grass carpet and won’t let you down, just to choose you favorite soccer artificial grass.

Features of Dracturf football grass:

1. Player friendly and high resilient
It is made of safe, aging resistance and UV-resistance material, 100% virgin new, free of heavy metal. Each square meter of the grass stands10500 Tuft grass yarn. It provides the player a high resilient field and great feet support. It helps prevent the player getting hurt when they fall down.

2. Excellent UV stability
All Dracturf football grass can be used in extreme climates (very hot or very cold place). Our innovated formulation of the ingredient keeps the artificial turf with high UV-resistant and excellent color fastness.

3. High strength and tenacity
Dracturf football artificial turf has been upgraded to maximize your football field's performance. The "spine" grass fiber enhances the durability and flexibility of the football turf system. We use PE 10000Dtex yarn to manufacture the artificial turf to keep a 8 year plus lifetime of the grass.

4. Customized service
Dracturf provides all the customers our unique customized service. You can choose any available color with different specifications of the grass. We offer free field design and installation guide according to the accurate size of the field. Every sport or landscape field are tailor-made in our factory. We strive for accurate design to facilitate easy installation and wasted minimization.

Pile height(mm): 50MM
Gauge(Inch): 3/4"
Stitches(/m): 170
Yarn(Dtex): PE12500 Dtex
Density(Stitches/m2): 10500
Color: Field green / Lime green
Warranty(Years): 8 Years
Primary Backing: UV Resistant PP woven-clothes: 142g/m²
Secondary Backing: UV Resistant (PP) 90g/m²
Coating backing: Latex+rubber Styrene-Butadiene Basis, 700g/m²
Holes / m²: 50
Osmosis: 1600L/H/M²
Colorfastness: DIN 54004 Sale 6-8
Fire Resistance:ⅠGrade
UV stability: DIN 53387 ≥6000 hr

Application: Soccer/Rugby/Football

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Dracturf is a leading manufacturer that creats,produces and distributes eco-responsible artificial grass for all different use.We offer the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields.We are dedicated to privide the best artificial grass system to both sports and landscape applications. We poduce various products, including sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn Dracturf, Sports Flooring and so on, and these products have been installed in more than 32 countries with a total vplume of 2860000m2. 









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