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Maintenance of Artificial Lawn

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Maintenance of Artificial Lawn

You may think it easy to clean and maintain the artificial lawn, but in fact, you still need to pay attention to the following points to lengthen the service life of your artificial grass:

I. Basic Requirements

1、Keep the artificial lawn clean

2、Erect a "no smoking" sign around the synthetic lawn

3、Set enough garbage

4、Control the use of the synthetic lawn

5、Motor vehicles and heavy weights do not enter the artificial grass ground

6、Reduce the number of cleaning, avoid high temperature cleaning

7、Small damage of synthetic lawn should be repaired in time

2. Cleaning and Decontamination:

1. Rain is the cleaner of artificial grass. It can gently remove dust, pollen, and other pollutants from the artificial grass

2. after the game, with a vacuum cleaner in time to deal with paper, shell, tape, etc. A satisfactory vacuum cleaner sucked in scraps of solid waste on the surface effectively

3. When summer is hot, water can be sprayed on the artificial lawn to cool down so as to make the athletes cool and comfortable

4. Using special rake flat quartz sand or rubber particle once a month

5. Difficult to remove stains, you can use sponge dipped in vinyl chloride to wipe the artificial lawn

3. Check the Repair

1. Carefully check whether the suture is loose, the bottom of the grass is damaged, torn, burned, etc., when the damage is greater, should promptly contact vender

2. The scouring and cleaning of the heavy rain will cause a small loss of fillings. The place to be filled may be sprinkled with quartz sand, rubber particles, and completely swept into the synthetic turf

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