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As one of the leading manufacturers in artificial grass industry, we offers the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields,such as sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn,Artificial Grass Carpet and so on. 
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Professional Sports Field Artificial Turf Grass

Type: Football Grass
Model: G-5015
Pile Height: 50mm
Yarn: Monofilament
Material: PE
Color: Mixed Color
Density: 8850
Size: 4m X 25m / 2m X 25m
MOQ: 500 sqm

Professional Sports Field Artificial Turf Grass

    The professional sports field artificial turf grass is our new product.This kind of the playground artificial grasss has high compactness and high degree of simulation. When it comes to professional football and materials used for creation of soccer fields, artificial grass carpet is second to none, except...Natural grass, but actually the football game gains a lot from application of durable artificial grass patino , since its frequent use, the number of players increases year after year. Our professional playground artificial turf grass use high quality materials to manufacture, it is eco-friendly and durable. The greatest advantage of sports field artificial grass is the fact, that it equalizes gaming conditions even in the most changeable weather. Therefore, playground artificial grass is not as dependent on weather conditions, as natural grass. The professional sports field artificial turf grass is waterproof and heat-resistant. You can be comfortable play on the professional artificial grass carpet.

Model G-5015
Yarn Composition Polyethylene (PE) in Monofilament Fiber
Pile Height 50mm
Yarn Color Mixed Color
Tufts Density 10500
Gauge 5/8"
Stitch Rate 200
Primary Backing Composite Polypropylene (PP) Woven Cloth
Secondary Backing Styene-butadiene (SBR) Latex
Size 4m x 25m or as required
Application Soccer, Football, Baseball Field
Packaging Black PE film with paper core
Loading Capacity 4000 sqm per 20 GP
MOQ 500 sqm

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Dracturf is a leading manufacturer that creats,produces and distributes eco-responsible artificial grass for all different use.We offer the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields.We are dedicated to privide the best artificial grass system to both sports and landscape applications. We poduce various products, including sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn Dracturf, Sports Flooring and so on, and these products have been installed in more than 32 countries with a total vplume of 2860000m2. 









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