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As one of the leading manufacturers in artificial grass industry, we offers the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields,such as sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn,Artificial Grass Carpet and so on. 

Should we fake the lawn?

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Should we fake the lawn?

There is just something beautiful and relaxing about natural grass in your backyard. Whether you lying on the grass, throwing ball with your kids, or playing with your dog, a green lawn is a pleasure.

However, Lawns are environmental nightmare if you live in a dry climate. In Los Angeles, millions of gallons of drinkable water are dumped into lawns every day. And it burns hundreds of thousands of gasoline to mow the watered grass. "We just don't have that much water to grow the lawn." One of our clients from Saudi Arabia said.

Now you have a different choice. Dracturf landscaping grass is long, smooth blades of grass that looks exactly like real grass but happen to be plastic. It has different green mixed with yellow and brown color. It lays down like a carpet, so easy to install in your garden. You can get synthetic lawn which is late-summer long, or putting-green short.

The best part is, no more pouring clean water into the grass. No more burning gasoline to mow it. You can be your own garden designer, cut and shape the artificial lawn as you need.

Dracturf is a leading manufacturer that creats,produces and distributes eco-responsible artificial grass for all different use.We offer the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields.We are dedicated to privide the best artificial grass system to both sports and landscape applications. We poduce various products, including sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn Dracturf, Sports Flooring and so on, and these products have been installed in more than 32 countries with a total vplume of 2860000m2. 









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