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As one of the leading manufacturers in artificial grass industry, we offers the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields,such as sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn,Artificial Grass Carpet and so on. 
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UV Resistant Garden Fake Grass For Patio

Type: Landscaping Turf
Model: L-3002
Pile Height: 30mm
Yarn: Monofilament
Material: PE
Color: Mixed Color
Density: 14700
Size: 4m X 25m / 2m X 25m

UV Resistant Garden Fake Grass For Patio

    UV resistant garden fake grass for patiomade in C shape blades with yellow and brown thatch. This kind of garden fake grass for patio is specially designed for garden and playground. UV resistant garden fake grass for patio has many advantages, such as has no weather limited, long service life, is evergreen and so on. The unique fiber shape of garden artificial grass turf is inspired by nature grass. The shape of the artificial turf for patio has no clear differences. The blade of the artificial garden grass remains upright for a long period of time and provides a more flexible surface. The artificial grass patio excellent flexibility can let us feet comfortable. Our UV resistant garden fake grass is one of the most realistic landscaping artificial grass styles in the market, garden fake grass for patio with very economical prices. Our garden artificial grass make the landscaping grass stand up more easily and provide extra resilience. We also provide you other similar products, such asAnti-UV 30mm artificial garden grass carpet, waterproof garden fake grass and artificial grass patio. We will provide you best products and services, just to choose your needs.


Pile height (mm): 30mm

Gauge (Inch): 3/8"

Stitches (/m): 140 stitches/m

Yarn (Dtex): PE 11000 Dtex

Density (Stitches/m²): 15750 stitches/m²

Color: 4-tone (C shaped straight blades)

Warranty (Years): 10 Years

Primary backing: UV Resistant PP woven-clothes: 142g/m²

Secondary Backing: UV Resistant (PP) 90g/m²

Coating backing: Latex+rubber Styrene-Butadiene Basis, 700g/m²

Holes / m²: 50

Osmosis: 1600L/H/M²

Colorfastness: DIN 54004 Sale 6-8

Fire Resistance:ⅠGrade

UV stability: DIN 53387 ≥6000 hr

Loading Quantity: 3000 m² per 20ft container

Artificial Lawn Advantages
No weather limited: It can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow. All weather used.
Long life&Evergreen: When natural grass entered hibernation, artificial turf still can bring you the spring.
Environment-friendly: All materials are accord with environmental protection requirement.
Natural appearance: Artificial turf adopted the principle of bionics production.
Excellent flexibility let us feet comfortable.
Durability: Durable service, no fading, especially suitable for the primary sites for higher frequency.
Economy: General guarantees 10 years of life.
Free maintenance: the lawn will need little maintenance.
Easy to install and maintain.

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Dracturf is a leading manufacturer that creats,produces and distributes eco-responsible artificial grass for all different use.We offer the broadest range of artificial grass that applied for different fields.We are dedicated to privide the best artificial grass system to both sports and landscape applications. We poduce various products, including sports grass, Landscaping turf lawn Dracturf, Sports Flooring and so on, and these products have been installed in more than 32 countries with a total vplume of 2860000m2. 









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