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What are the advantages of playing on an artificial grass?

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     Due to natural grass maintenance costs are high and can not deal with complex weather conditions,with the development of science and technology,more and more school playground and sports venues choose to use artificial grass.So here comes the question:What are the advantages of playing on an artificial grass?

    There is a very clear economic benefit involved with the installation of artificial grass too. With no grass to water, no seed to plant, tear-ups to repair or ground to thaw, cash-strapped clubs can almost dispense with all maintenance and repair – saving several thousand pounds every year.

    Most clubs, leagues, private facilities and local associations fit an artificial turf because of their all-weather qualities. The latest versions are made with several porous layers that allow water to drain away quickly and easily. This means that matches can take place in all weathers, and postponements are kept to a minimum.

    The latest pitch technology ensures a bounce that is more true, and reflective of what a real pitch delivers. Training on an artificial grass gives players the opportunity to ready themselves for the exact playing conditions they're likely to experience on match day -regardless of the weather. 

    There is also an argument that artificial pitches can be more gentle on players' joints and muscles-particularly during the colder months of the year. The shockpad layer installed in artificial grass delivers a cushioning effect, reducing the chance of injury. This can be very beneficial during the colder months of the year-when turf pitches can freeze and harden very quickly.

    There is a huge demand for time on an artificial grass these days, and this demand can be turned into cold, hard cash by commercially aware clubs, associations and private venues. Renting out time on an artificial grass to members of the local community won't tear up the turf the day before a game-but it will generate precious revenues.

    It is clear that the advantage of artificial grass is huge, which is why so many local clubs and associations are choosing them over traditional turf pitches. And as more and more youngsters get used to playing on these surfaces, the chances of professional clubs going artificial grass ever larger.

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